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How Your Gifts Help

Roots Extended: An Ag Student's Mission

Thanks to the Buck and Evelyn Waid Endowed Academic Scholarship, Ryan Salcido is able to pursue his agronomy degree so he can help grow food in a healthy and sustainable way, inspired by his family's struggle with multiple sclerosis. Read More

Finding Resilience at NMSU

Starting an academic career as an NMSU Aggie—no matter your ZIP code or financial background—is easier with the help of the NMSU system. This is a network of five campuses: including Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Doña Ana, Grants and Las Cruces, which all work together to serve a variety of students, active duty or retired military, working parents and others seeking higher education throughout New Mexico. Read More

McCarter Research Award Recipient Profile: Alena Kostyk

It's challenging to get money to fund research, but it's especially difficult as a graduate student with your professors seeking similar funds from the same pools of money. Sometimes students have to persuade their professor to request money, and then share in the research. However, the McCarter Research Award, created by Palmer "Jack" McCarter and his wife, Evelyn, serves both faculty and graduate students at NMSU. Read More